Back up to ABC

May 14, 2012 Posted by KowP

Back to ABC the second cycle of acclimatisation. The trekking group finally came to basecamp. I met them for about 1 hour, we had lunch then I was back up the hill, towards Interim. This time it was just myself and 2 of the Sherpa team; Bali and Passang. I should now introduce them. Bali is the Sirdar (boss Sherpa) he is around 37 years old, and at sea level looks a little overweight. Seeing how he performs at altitude definitely doesn’t matter for these guys if you’re overweight or now. This guy is a machine. Carrying monster loads at very high altitude. I’m very glad to have him on my side. In the non expedition season (which is around 3 months of the year) Bali has a farm where his wife and 2 children live. Located in a village approximately 5 hours out of Kathmandu. Passang is a little older than Bali, he has been battling a throat infection the whole expedition. This does slow him down a little although he is always right behind bali when it comes to carrying loads. I was carrying a fair load to Interim and then to ABC.. baring in mind I am only carrying my personal stuff. It is the sherpas who carry their own personal stuff as well as any common gear like tents and gas cookers etc. When we got to Interim I was cactus, I just crashed on the kitchen tent floor and the boys cooked me dinner. There was another guy here also, from another expedition. He is a cook for Seven summit club. But had no members in this night, so he helped set up the tent, in return for some dinner and socialising. The following day we headed up to ABC. I was feeling better this day so left early, and this time the sherpas didn’t catch me. I still arrived around 4 hours later though and was once again cactus. ABC is much more established than interim, I have my own tent here, there is a permanent cook staff that waits for us to arrive. Dawa. This day he made me the best noodle soup I’ve had to date! I was spose to stay at ABC 2 nights then up to the north col for 2 nights. As it turned out I got sick with some sort of bacteria in my stomach. I had a double dose of antibiotics first up then followed with single dose for 2 days and I was fixed. But his set me back 2 days. (Lucky it was over with quickly and I didn’t deteriorate too much. (Bacteria like this can end an expedition if you’re not diligent.)

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