Urban Survival

October 18, 2013 Posted by KowP

At the end of my Everest summit blog I tried to answer the question “So after reaching the top of the world, whats next?’

So…. Some 18 months after Everest – I have since relocated to Perth Australia to hunt down a descent cash flow in the booming oil and gas industry.

We just completed the last job which was at Perth Casino, it was to maintain the shade sails in an indoor atrium some 11 storeys up. All accessed via ropes (right up my alley)

Prior to this I have been working with an engineering firm on a CTLF, (Compensating Tension Lift Frame) I was part of the assemby team, we have been running around offshore on a drill ship and onshore in a yard with a 50m high test tower. (majority of the work has been at height – There seems to be a common trend here?)

So…. As promised, I am now in the throws of coming home to Sydney over Summer (maybe Christmas time) to embark on a little adventure I’m calling Urban Survival.

The Rules:

  • No Money
  • No possessions other than ID (drivers license) and the clothes i’m currently wearing
  • No contact with any one that I previously know
  • Stay in Sydney for 2 weeks and just survive

As per usual, I really have no plan or know what to expect.

I’m thinking that I would walk from the CBD to Bondi Every day for entertainment, and a shower by the beach (maybe even a swim) and I would like to find an internet (free) to update this blog whenever I can.

I’m tossing up whether I should take a camera because I know i’m going to get myself deep into some situations and it would be good to have photos to post on the blog, failing this idea i’ll just have to get descriptive with my details on the blog.