Jamie McGuiness – Expedition leader.

“Successful on Aconcagua, you have definitely got what it takes for Everest,” we just need a sensible buildup, and a little luck with the weather!”

“What I admired about you on our successful Aconcagua expedition was a surprising humbleness combined with a great can do attitude and your attention to detail in preparation. That will keep you alive and successful on Everest.”


Richard Whitehead – Managing Director Elderton Homes.

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail. I know you have planned, so success will  prevail”





WBP Property group – Employer. 

Traditionally characterised as a conservative profession, Tom is no ordinary property valuer…and likely the only one to successfully summit the planet’s highest peak! Well done Tom.

Patrick Brady – Executive Director, WBP Property Group



Liz Corr – Friend and Supporter

“I’ve known Tom for a bit over 12 years and I still find it amazing that the same person that is excited by the thought of climbing the world’s highest mountains can also get a kick out of making the day of an old man as he walks past in the street. It’s not surprising to me that Tom has found a challenge that puts his sheer determination and his willingness to help others into a common goal.”


Whitney Thurlow – Cheif Guide/Director of Aspiring Guides NZ

“Tony did mention that you were a strong climber”




























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