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May 2, 2012 Posted by KowP

Most of this news is second or seventh hand, there is probably more accurate info on the web.

Just to clarify now, I am attempting a summit from the north side. Through Tibet.
The south side has around 450 clients and 450 sherpas trying to summit.
The north side has around 110 clients and 100 sherpas trying to summit.
Therefore the north being preferable when it comes to traffic on the high mountain.

There is not much news to report from the north side other than the wind is very strong from ABC up. Adventure peaks lost their toilet tent 2 days ago in the wind. Luckily no-one was in there.
Andrew came back from the north col today and he said the wind over the icey plateau was so strong he had to drop to his knees a few times so not to fall over.

The south side however has news. 3 reported dead so far.
The first was a Sherpa who had some sort of intestinal twist, apparently he was an alcoholic too.
The second was a Sherpa who fell down a crevasse.
The third was an Indian client who suffered a brain stroke going through the khumbu, he was evacuated by helicopter although later died in hospital.
On the 26th the south side had a massive avalanche that rolled from the Everest west ridge to the Nupse face and ended up in the crevasses below.
No one was killed in this avalanche although a cook was taken down a crevasse and later rescued and evacuated to Kathmandu.

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