Interim – ABC

May 2, 2012 Posted by KowP

After the second night at Interim 5800m we left for ABC 6400m after breakfast.

This walk has been the most stunning of the whole expedition so far.

Jamie and Andrew were doing some filming so I left them to it.

It is a fairly gradual incline of 600m over 7.5 vertical kms.

I followed the ridgeline towards Everest then it takes an unexpected detour to the east and down a hill and we literally follow and a walk on a frozen river. The view through here is like something from a cartoon. Very blue and just stunning.

The walking now is starting to get hard. At around 6000m, there is half the pressure in the air as at sea level so you have to breathe twice as hard to get the same output out of your body.

I arrived at ABC, absolutely exahausted in around 4 hours. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have pushed it so hard, but pushing hard aids acclimatisation.

When I arrived the I just crashed on the kitchen floor, the boys we feeding me hot lemon cordial they call lemon tea.. I didn’t mind, it was exactly what I needed to get to my tent, then slept for around 2 hours till Jamie and Andrew arrived.

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